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By Daniel Reeds

  • "I don't know what this is about anymore... maybe it'll have a few little stories or some practice one pages..."
  • By Robert Tart

  • Action-Adventure-Comedy-(maybe romance?) Spritecomic featuring the Super Stars of Super Nintendo
  • A humorous sprite comic by Rick Goranson

    A webcomic by Shlikith with 100% funnay!

    A webcomic by Matt V. 2.0, one of TK's biggest fans.

    This is Biospark's new site.

    After a tragic apocalypse, seven heroes unite to prevent crime taking over the world as it once did. A sprite comic with humor, drama, and plenty of action. Welcome to the new age of heroes.

    A sprite-based webcomic of the fantasy/adventure genre set in a RPG-like world. Swords and magic, dungeons and monsters, friendship and romance... and more await!